Holds a dear place in my heart. I graduated from WWU after transferring there as a sophomore. I moved in with a few buddies from high school and a couple of their friends from the dorms. College was an adventure. In such tight quarters, the importance of finding a roommate you not only tolerate, but enjoy hanging out with, will take your college experience from good to great. With that, I'm happy to announce we are the top off campus link on Western's Off Campus Living page (Western).

Enough humble-bragging, let's give you the good stuff so you and your roommates or roomie-to-be can enjoy living in Bellingham. Here's a quick report on what it's like to live in the three most student-population areas.

North Campus

North campus is the spot if you're an upperclassmen. You're right in-between campus and the bars (if you're under 21 please disregard). The ease at which you can go from a house party on High Street (where I lived!) to the bars in 15 minutes or less is a huge plus. That's one of the main reason why housing on north campus is in such high-demand for WWU students. Get roommate and house hunting in February or March as most leases start in September.

South Campus

The hike to campus from south campus is real so don't miss the bus. Super Duper Teriyaki on Harris seems like a hole in the wall, but it has world class chicken katsu that is pure heaven (Yelp). There are more apartment complexes on south campus than north with walkable grocery stores like Haggen's right near 32nd.


Fairhaven is uniquely Bellingham.  It's a bit further from campus than the other two so make sure you're on-top of your bus schedule. Less partying on this side of town although it's still a good time with nice restaurants and shopping.

Read the Western Front's story on RentHoop and our launch.

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View of Bellingham Bay
The new communications building at WWU!