Finding a Roommate at UW

will enhance your college experience. The gloominess of Seattle is mitigated by the energy of living in the U District which is mostly made up of students. Hikes, Husky football games, cram sessions at Suzzallo, and nights on the Ave are more memorable with roommates you enjoy hanging out with. Here's a few things to do with your roomie at UW.

Fun Things to Check Out

  • Take a stroll on the Burke-Gilman Trail to the incredible Gasworks Park. This is the perfect spot to go after a date and stare at the stars and Space Needle.
  • Portage Bay is a breakfast palace. Make sure and get their early or make a reservation the day before as it's usually packed.
  • Hop on the Link Rail and catch a Mariners game during the summer. The Mariners will frequently have college nights where UW students get a discount and can fraternize with other schools, even the hated Cougars.
  • When you're not at risk of getting rained on, UW has easy to rent canoes. Great for dates and bird-feeding (Washington).


Rent in the U District is about 11% cheaper than other Seattle neighborhoods like Belltown and Capitol Hill (KUOW). A studio will go for around $1,200 which is why we suggest living with roommates who will reduce your share of the rent. There's still cheap rent to be found around Greek Row as older houses and apartments can be found for $500-$800 a month (Seattle Times).

As you can expect, there's a lot of partying around Greek Row. A few things to be aware of is the noise at night. The area is considered mostly safe except for a few streets, namely 47th to 50th (Kiro 7).

You can download RentHoop for free below! Read about us in the UW Daily. Just click on the icons. Did we mention Seattle was recently named the top roommate city in the United States (Seattle Times)? It feels important to mention for some reason.


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