Finding a Roommate in Seattle Has Never Been So Easy

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Finding a roommate in Seattle...

Is almost a necessity with how much rent has risen the last few years. Seattle is the top roommate city in the United States, barely edging out San Francisco and Portland with 12.5% of the population living with roomies (Seattle Times). We're here to make your roommate search easy whether your attending UW or just graduated and want to live in the city. Here's a quick breakdown of what neighborhoods are trending in Seattle.

U District

Home to the University of Washington, you will find students galore in this part of town. Greek Row and the surrounding area is uniquely college-y with older homes. You'll still find that most of the neighborhood are apartments, nearly 75% (Seattle.Gov). As you would expect from a college town, it's not super necessary to have a vehicle as the campus, grocery stores and "The Ave" are a quick walk or Uber away. Generally speaking, because it is mainly college students rent prices are reasonably affordable especially if you choose to live with another roommate. "There's tons of students walking around, it always feels like something's going on. There's short access to the Burke-Gillman trail and outdoor activities close by," said 24-year old graduate student Paige about living in the area. Once you find the right roommate, you can find the right property through Green Lightning which has many unique properties in U District. Rooms for rent are also available via some of the people searching for roommates on RentHoop.

Capitol Hill

Colorful and inclusive, Cap Hill has the most personality of any Seattle neighborhood. For those very reasons it was the perfect Seattle town to film MTV's The Real World: Bad Blood Season 32. Check out our interview's with two of the cast members, Anika and Theo, who will give you greater insight into their favorite spots in Cap Hill and what living in Seattle was like for a summer. Living here is a lot of fun as there is great nightlife and a zany culture. Seattle University and Seattle Central College bring the youthful vibe as there is a good amount of students living in the area. You know how they say you get what you pay for? Well, the cost of living in Cap Hill is 33% more expensive than the Seattle average. Living with an awesome roommate will lead to plenty of good times in this epic Seattle neighborhood.


Don't let the Fremont Troll scare you from living in Fremont (second photo from top). Young professionals are scattered throughout the neighborhood as there are a number of great breweries and the area is booming with technology. Companies like Google and Adobe all have offices in the area. On the fringe of Fremont is one of the most breathtaking views Seattle has to offer, Gas Works Park. Fremont is on the come-up for post-grads and close to UW for students looking to commute or bus.


Ballard's nightlife and downtown area is one of the best of any Seattle neighborhoods. Great pubs, Tuesday trivia nights and local music venues give it a youthful downtown vibe. Stroll through the neighborhood with your roommates on Sunday to grab fresh snacks and food from the year-round farmers market. Nearby North Seattle Community College is a great place to take an extra class or two as well.

Green Lake

The lake isn't actually green if that's what you're wondering. Some dude in the 1800s named it that because all the algae blooms made the water look green (third photo). Anyway, the Green Lake neighborhood has a casual vibe and plenty of great dining options. Stop by the Woodland Park Zoo with your roommates or enjoy a run around the 2.8 mile lake which is packed with sun-starved Seattle residents in the summer. Overall, the Green Lake community is very active due to Green Lake being so convenient.

Queen Anne

"If you don't mind big hills and a bigger price tag, the charm of this neighborhood is unlike any other. The food and bar scene is awesome, and of course you're close to tourist-y spots like the Space Needle, Key Arena and Seattle Center," says current resident, 23-year old Carmen, a student at Seattle Pacific University.

West Seattle

The Venice Beach of Seattle (fourth photo). Well, that's what I call it. Alki Beach is the main draw and one of Seattle's most popping spots during the summer. It's tucked away from the rest of Seattle via the West Seattle Bridge making it a bit of a drive if you work in the city. That also means housing is more affordable, because it's uniquely isolated from the rest of Seattle, which is great news for you. Luckily, the Sodo Station right across the bridge makes commuting to the rest of Seattle not as bad. While there isn't as many young people moving to the neighborhood as say U District, there are still students at South Seattle College and people wanting to enjoy living close to the most beautiful beach during the summer time. Make sure your roomies like volleyball and the outdoors!


The glitz and glamour of the city is downtown (fifth photo). Famous Pike Place Market and the Seattle Great Wheel are at your fingertips, as well as amazing views of Seattle sunsets and Elliot Bay. Downtown Seattle is the most expensive neighborhood in Seattle, the price you pay for living in the heart of the city. There are more one-bedroom apartments in this part of town than anywhere else, starting at around $1,600 a month (Curbed) and up as they're building more luxury apartments. If you're trying to save some bucks but want to live in the heart of the action, consider living with a close friend or family member in a one-bedroom and splitting the costs.

Most of the people who live downtown are in their 20somethings or empty-nesters because there aren't many schools in the area. You're also close to commerce which makes getting to work easy if you're downtown. Having a car is not a must as most everything is accessible from downtown, including delicious food and a hopping club scene. Parking is a mess so why bother with a car? You're also a close walk to Safeco Field and Century Link Stadium where the Seahawks are the talk of the town (Go Hawks!).

To Conclude...

Seattle is booming. With cornerstone brands like Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and Zillow bringing in talent from all over the country, Seattle is seeing an influx of newcomers from all over the country. As the cost of living in Seattle continues to rise, so does the urgency of finding a roommate. Take advantage of our growing app for finding a roommate in Seattle so you can enjoy the benefits of living in one of these fun neighborhoods with someone you enjoy being around.

- PB