Ask Amelia: Your Guide to Roommate Life

Ask Amelia: Being A Good Roommate

Aside from living with a dozen roommates since college, Amelia is a graduate in psychology from Western Washington University. She's lived with her best friends, random strangers and is our in-house roommate expert. Being a good roommate can mean different things to different people, but we understand it as this, simply: the better you handle the tough conversations, the better you are as a roommate.

You'll naturally confront a few scenarios with roommates. Many will be pleasant. I mean, look at the show Friends and The New Girl. Good times are aplenty. Sometimes, things come up and have to be faced head on. Amelia dives into a few common scenarios that nearly everyone will face at some point in their roommate experiences. Check them out below and follow us on the socials to learn what you can do to enjoy your roommate experience.

  1. How Do I Break Up With My Roommate?
  2. Should Girls and Guys Live Together?
  3. I'm a Freshman. What Should I Expect Living in a Dorm?
  4. Should Best Friends Live Together?
  5. What Should I Do About My Loud Roommate?

There are few relationships more important than the one(s) with your roommate(s). We always encourage roommates to talk things out in person and set expectations as early as possible. Ask Amelia is a five-part series that we hope help you prepare for living with roommates, whether it be in the dorms, off campus or in the big city.

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